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The team at Mt Pritchard Automotive is dedicated to offering quality services including:


We know how essential tyres are to your vehicle. This is why we offer tyre inspection and repair services for your safety on roads. When you bring your cars to us, we ensure to check the tyres’ condition thoroughly to suggest if there’s need for repair or replacement. You can count on us to review and fix issues with tyre pressure, puncture, tread depth, etc.

Car Service Centre

We offer efficient servicing and repairs with high-quality parts to ensure your cars run smoothly every time they hit the road. We offer several car repair and maintenance services like auto brake repair, alcohol interlock installation, auto clutch repair, etc. Whatever your car service needs are, please discuss them with us.

Fluid Replacement

Regular fluid replacement is essential for maintaining the condition of your car’s engine. Older fluid cannot regulate the temperature well and may become harmful to the engine. At Mt Pritchard Automotive, we offer engine oil replacement, transmission fluid replacement, brake fluid replacement, etc.

Car Inspection and Checks

Car inspection and checks protect your vehicle from future damages. This means if your car is being checked by an expert regularly, they will be able to spot any issue at an early stage and prevent further damage. In addition, our experts offer various checks and inspections to ensure your car is running fine. Count on us for a tyre health check, battery test, belts and hoses examination, etc.

Brake Adjustment

Car brakes, if not adjusted, can make weird noises, begin grinding or cause the pedal to start pulsating. We know how important it is to have your car brakes adjusted appropriately, and this is why we have a team of brake experts to handle this task. We will inspect the entire braking system for you and provide an appropriate solution to ensure your car is safe on the roads.

Engine Tune-Up

We offer engine tune-up services which include checking and fixing issues with spark plugs and wires, and fuel, air, and oil filters. Our team also contains emission levels, coolant hoses, fuel lines, serpentine belts, etc. So no matter which car you own, bring it to us if you want to avail the best engine tune-up service.



These are just a few services we offer your cars. To know more about our services, feel free to connect with us.