One Stop Shop For All Your Auto Needs

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One Stop Shop For All Your Auto Needs

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One Stop Shop For All Your Auto Needs

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Car Mechanic Sydney

Mt Pritchard Automotive is a renowned auto service centre in Sydney, dedicated to offering a wide range of services for cars of all models and makes. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we can help you with your auto repair needs at the best price possible. So, whether your car requires a simple oil change or a more complex repair, you can count on us for help. Here are some of the many car services we offer:

Tyre Repair

Your car’s tyres are an essential part of your vehicle as they are responsible for moving you forward on the road. Daily use of your car can damage the tyres and call for the need of repair. We provide a comprehensive tyre repair service to bring your vehicle back on the road in no time. We are a trusted tyre shop in Sydney, preferred by many customers in the vicinity.

Fluid Replacement

If your car is low on fluids, it’s time for a replacement! Our team of certified mechanics will replace the fluids quickly and efficiently. We’ll also check for any leaks and repair them if necessary. 

ECU Remapping

We offer ECU remapping services to give you increased car performance and better fuel economy. Discuss your requirements with us, and we will provide the right ECU remapping option for your vehicle.

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Car brakes, if not adjusted, can make weird noises, begin grinding or cause the pedal to start pulsating. We know how important

Engine Tune-Up

We offer engine tune-up services which include checking and fixing issues with spark plugs and wires, and fuel, air, and oil filters.

Fluid Replacement

Regular fluid replacement is essential for maintaining the condition of your car’s engine. Older fluid cannot regulate the temperature

Inspection and Checks

Car inspection and checks protect your vehicle from future damages. This means if your car is being checked by an expert

Service Centre

We offer efficient servicing and repairs with high-quality parts to ensure your cars run smoothly every time they hit the road.


We know how essential tyres are to your vehicle. This is why we offer tyre inspection and repair services for your safety on roads.


No matter what car service you avail from us, you can expect the best results. We take pride in the quality of our work, and we aim to become the best car mechanic in town. To fulfil our aim, we constantly work on the quality of our services and focus on providing honest communication, affordable prices, and using quality parts and fluids


Car Flat Trye Repairs


Car Repair Services


Auto Electrical Services




Discuss your car service needs with our experts, and they will design a customised service plan for you. So connect with us today for help!