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Mt Pritchard Automotive is a reputed car mechanic, offering its customers a wide range of car repair and maintenance services. So if you search for a trusted mechanic to cater to your car service needs near Cabramatta, you may call us. We promise to offer high-quality services at the best price possible.

Car service and repair is a demanding job, and our staff is ready to put in their 100% at all times. Whether it is a minor tyre repair job or a primary engine repair task, our team will work on it to deliver the best results possible. Also, we believe in offering customer satisfaction, so whatever doubts you have regarding your car repair and maintenance, you may get them cleared by our experts. We will answer all your queries patiently until you are thoroughly satisfied with the answers! 

No matter which car your own, be it classic, sports or SUV, feel free to bring it to us for repairs and servicing.

Feel free to connect with us for services like

tyre check my

Tyre Health Check

At our car service centre, we take care of all parts of your car, and the tyres are no exception. Bring your vehicle to us, and we will check the condition of its tyres. Even if we find a minor defect, we will repair it to the best of our ability to ensure there’s no further damage done to it. Neglecting your tyres repair isn’t wise as this may be dangerous for you and your family. Hence, we suggest you bring your car to us, and we will run a check to see if there are punctures or any wear and tear issue. Many people consider us the best tyre shop in Cabramatta as we offer high-quality tyres for all vehicles. You may buy the tyres from us and have them changed as well. 


Service Centre In Cabramatta

We can cater to all your car servicing needs. Just bring your vehicle to us, discuss your concerns, and we will provide an appropriate solution. The list of services we offer is extensive. Hence, do not hesitate to ask us to help in case of damage to your car. From oil filter replacement to air filter replacement to auto brake repair and auto clutch repair, we can help you in any case. 

Mt oil

Fluid Replacement

At Mt Pritchard Automotive, we offer fluid replacement services to maintain the condition of your engine. Whether oil replacement or brake fluid replacement, you can contact us for any fluid replacement needs. Also, to ensure your car’s engine runs smoothly for a long time, we provide other services like oil filter replacement and fuel filter replacement. Our team is dedicated to carrying out all the procedures that maintain the condition of your engine and keep your car running efficiently.   


Inspection and Checks

Using your car daily is a significant reason for its wear and tear. Though it isn’t essential to get your car serviced every month, it is necessary to get it checked by experts at least once in 6 months. Experienced mechanics of can inspection and checks the condition of your vehicle parts and suggest any replacement or repairs if needed. If you want to get, your car checked or inspected by a team of experts, feel free to connect with us. We undertake various checks and inspections like oil level checks, under-bonnet checks, belts and hoses inspections, battery tests, auto safety inspections, and more to ensure your car runs smoothly and efficiently. Depending on our findings, we will suggest the required repairs and services for your car, and if you agree to get them done from our service centre, we promise to give you a fair deal.     

mt service

Brake Adjustment

Periodic brake adjustments are essential as they can increase the safety of your car and protect it from costly repairs. Our experts precisely know how to adjust the brakes and keep them functioning smoothly for a long time. When you bring your car to us, you can expect us to offer services like auto brake repair, hand brake adjustment, and more. No matter what brake your vehicle has, we are well-versed with all the braking systems and can provide appropriate adjustments for maximum safety.

engine tune off

Engine Tune-Up

Engine tune-up is a big responsibility that you must place in the hands of experts only. When we undertake the engine tune-up job, we promise to carry out all the necessary steps to keep the engine running reliably. Engine tune-up includes spark plug replacement, air filter replacement, fuel system check-up, auto-ignition service, engine tuning, valve adjustment, etc. We pay plenty of attention during an engine tune-up to ensure all parts of your car perform exceptionally well.

Why Our Customers Trust Us?

Quality Services – Whether we undertake a regular car service in cabramatta job or intensive repair work, we promise to put in our 100% to give you the best of results. We aim to provide quality services to all our clients, so they trust us to be the best service centres in town, whom they can rely upon anytime. 

Affordable Prices – Though we offer quality services, our prices aren’t too high. We know how expensive can provide car service or repair can get. Hence, we aim to provide our clients with quality services at a reasonable price. 

Friendly Staff – Our car mechanics know how much you care for your cars. This is why they are ready to answer all queries you have regarding the functioning of your car. So do not hesitate to discuss your vehicle service needs with our friendly staff.


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If you want more information on our services, please speak to us. You can bring your car to us for an inspection, and we can tell what your car needs are and work upon them accordingly. Remember, our experts have enough knowledge and experience to cater to all your vehicle needs. Call us today!