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Engine Tuning Services

A car engine tune-up involves adjusting and correcting the engine to ensure optimal performance. Many factors can affect an engine’s performance, including spark plug misfiring, inappropriate air-fuel mixture, and contaminated fuel injectors. This is when a tune-up by professionals is required. The experts usually carry out steps like changing spark plugs and filters and checking and rectifying the ignition timing. 

If ignored for long, all these factors may decrease the engine’s performance and fuel efficiency. However, a tune-up at the right time can help restore an engine to its best condition, thus improving power and economy. A tune-up may also help prevent a more severe problem from arising in future.

While the specifics of a tune-up will vary depending on the make and model of the vehicle, there are some general steps that most mechanics follow:

  • The engine is allowed to cool to carry out any work safely.
  • The spark plugs and air filters are replaced with new ones, and the fuel injectors are cleaned. Once these basic steps have been completed, the engine can be started and allowed to run for a few minutes. This will enable any adjustments that have been made to take effect.
  • A road test will be carried out to check if the engine performs optimally.

At Mt Pritchard Automotive, we have a team of engine tune-up experts that has catered to the engine tune-up needs of many cars. We offer complete engine tune-up and many other services, including an auto cooling system, auto tune-up, auto ignition service, ECU remapping, and engine oil replacement. 

When we take your vehicle in our hands, we ensure to carry out each step carefully to avoid any mistakes. Our experts know that every car is different, and so are its engine tune-up requirements. Keeping this in mind, we offer customised tune-up services depending on the make and model of the car.



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