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Brake Adjustments

Brake pads are necessary for your car’s safety system and can wear out or become damaged. If you see dust accumulating on them, it may be time for an upgrade. Book your appointment today and get your brakes adjusted. We service the following:

  • Hand brake adjustment
  • Break adjustment
  • Auto brakes repair
  • Auto clutch repair

Brake service is an important part of the car maintenance process. If you don’t do it regularly, your brakes can wear down and stop working properly, leading to expensive damage if left unchecked.

As a leading team of technicians, we are committed to providing a premium service you’ve never experienced before. We specialise in brake servicing and other high-quality automotive repairs for all types of cars.

We are a brake repair shop that uses state of the art equipment to assess and repair your breaks. We can diagnose your car’s braking system and give you advice on any necessary repairs or services, ensuring optimal performance for safe driving.

We only use trusted brands for parts, which means your car won’t be at risk of being damaged by low-quality replacements. In addition to testing and repairing shock absorbers, we also carry out brake fluid flushing on the entire hydraulic system, including ABS controller pump – just so you can enjoy safe driving all year round.

We recommend booking an appointment with our brake specialists as soon you notice any warning signs that your brakes might need repair or replacement. Some will be obvious, while others not so much, using the latest diagnostic technology, we’ll assess their condition and provide honest advice on what course of action is best for you.